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About the Ensemble

Based in Pardubice, in the very heart of the Czech Republic, the Lipka Folk Dance Ensemble has always aimed to present Czech folk dances, songs, and traditions in a way accessible and attractive to the general public both at home and abroad. As a result, its repertoire includes both dances in their traditional form, and stylized and scenic performances. With a touch of humour and irony, the choreographies often employ unconventional elements and are usually authored by the Ensemble members themselves, which gives Lipka its own, distinctive style. Forming an important and integral part of the Ensemble, a folk music band perfectly complements the unique interpretation of original folklore, often stepping out of its accompanying role and actively engaging on the stage.

Chrudimské obžinky 5.-7. 9. 2014

5. 9. 14 15:00


Tvůrčí taneční dílna 2014

8. 11. 14 15:00


Staročeský bál

6. 12. 14 19:00

Pardubice, KD Hronovická

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Phone: +420 739 370 595


​Michal Doubek
Folklorní soubor Lipka Pardubice, z. s.
Karla IV. 2592
530 02 Pardubice
Czech Republic

ID: 22666001
IBAN: CZ3403000000000218740781

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